What is Average SAT Score?

average sat score

At the point when individuals talk about normal SAT scores, they more often than not have three scores as a primary concern: the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) score, the Math score, and the composite, or aggregate, score. You’ll see different scores on your SAT score report that measure how well you performed in explicit regions of ERW or Math, yet to keep things basic, this post centers around the enormous three: ERW, Math, and aggregate. To get familiar with all the SAT scores, visit our Score Structure page.

SAT Section Scores and Total Scores

The SAT has two required segments: ERW and Math. We score each segment on a size of 200–800, so when you step through the examination, you’ll get two segment scores—one for ERW and one for Math. You’ll likewise get a complete score. This is your ERW score in addition to your Math score. Complete scores go from 400 to 1600.

Ascertaining the SAT Average

We ascertain the national normal, or mean, SAT scores for a graduating class by including the scores of each understudy in that class who took the SAT and separating by the quantity of test takers. SAT Score National Averages for the Class of 2018

ERW: 536

Math: 531

All out SAT score: 1068

We likewise figure normal SAT scores by state, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and different socioeconomics. You can locate a total report of SAT results for the class of 2018 on our site.

SAT Averages versus SAT Percentiles

The national normal SAT scores demonstrate to you whether scores are drifting up or down contrasted with earlier years. In any case, they don’t reveal to you much about your own scores.

National percentiles, then again, demonstrate to you where you remain in connection to different understudies. They go from 1 to 99 and show the level of understudies who scored equivalent to or lower than you. So the higher your percentile, the better you did.

You’ll see two kinds of percentiles on your score report: the broadly agent test percentile and the SAT client percentile.

The example percentile analyzes your score to the anticipated scores if all understudies were to take the SAT. Since certain understudies, similar to those not anticipating setting off for college, may not take the SAT, we lead research concentrates to gauge what their scores would be.

The client percentile analyzes your score to the genuine scores of late secondary school graduates who took the SAT during secondary school. On the off chance that your percentile is 75, that implies your score is as high or higher than the scores of 75% of understudies who took the SAT.

Since your client percentile indicates how you performed contrasted with different understudies who might apply similar schools you are, it can enable you to choose whether to attempt to improve your score by stepping through the examination once more.

The most effective method to Improve Your SAT Score

In case you’re not content with your SAT outcomes, have a go at utilizing the free Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® customized study instrument before retaking the test. Research demonstrates that only 6–8 hours utilizing Official SAT Practice could enable your absolute score to go up a normal of 90 points.

Keep in mind: SAT scores are only one thing schools see when choosing who to concede. Your evaluations, after-school exercises, letters of suggestion, and so forth., give universities an increasingly complete picture of your identity.

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